At Eckenfels Farm, the primary grass grown is fescue, with over seeded millet, clover and rye intermingled, as appropriate. The pastures also include Native Blue Stem and Indian warm season grasses to allow fresh green pastures during the hottest days of summer when the fescue does not grow.

​All cattle at Eckenfels Farms have unlimited access to clean, fresh well water in every pasture and unlimited amounts of sunshine, fresh air and space to roam. We never use routine antibiotics, hormones (such as estrogen's or steroids) or unnatural growth stimulants during the life cycle of our cattle. We are committed to providing 100% pure grass-fed beef that our customers can feel good about feeding to their families.

Our hand selected herd is South pole cattle. Eckenfels Farms takes great pride in our high protein, well maintained, nutritious pastures. We practice a holistic approach to farm management which sustains and nourishes the environment through restoration and soil improvement techniques.

Eckenfels Farms

Bob also serves as the Chairman on the Soil and Water District Board. Here are a couple articles of him awarding other farms for the Cooperator of the Year.