Eckenfels Farms

We have reduced our bulk Beef pricing, UP TO 15% off!!!!

Things to know about how pricing is figured:

Our beef is processed in a USDA inspected facility and is dry aged for a minimum of 14-21 days. Eckenfels Farms beef can be purchased in quarter (split half), half or whole portions. Smaller amounts may be purchased, depending upon availability. Orders may be placed at any time and pick up will be determined by availability.

Three different weights are commonly used when pricing beef:

LIVE WEIGHT—The weight of a live beef animal before slaughter. Also called “on-the-hoof weight”. Live Weight is used to either price a live animal at the sale barn or when a live animal is sold directly to a customer.

CARCASS WEIGHT—The weight after slaughter and after processing to remove inedible parts: hide, head, hooves, etc.. Also called ”hanging weight”. Slaughter and processing could reduce Live Weight by 40%.

FINISHED WEIGHT—The weight after final processing: remove excess fat; discard unusable bones; etc.. Also called “the meat you get”. Final processing could reduce Carcass Weight by 40%.

Using the above figures, a 1,100-pound Live Weight animal would have:
— a 660 pound Carcass Weight (1,100 lbs. less 40%); and
— 396 pounds of Finished Weight (660 less 40%).

Many websites quote a cost based on Carcass Weight.

Wholesale Beef Pricing:

Whole beef: $3.75/lb (avg. hanging wt. 560-720lbs.)

Half Beef: $3.85/lb (avg. hanging wt. 280-360lbs)

Quarter Beef: $3.95/lb (avg. hanging wt. 140-180lbs)

**pricing is based on hanging weight and is per pound

Individual Beef Pricing

Filets: $25

New York Strip ( .50-.60 lb EA): $16.00

Rib eyes(.50-.60 lb. EA.): $16.00

Skirt: $12.00

Flank: $12.25

Sirloin: $13

Brisket: $9.90

Rump roast: (3-4LB) $10.25

Sirloin Tip Roast: $10.25

Eye of round: $9.90

Ground Beef (1LB PACKS): $6.50

Chunk roast: $8.80

Arm roast: $8.80

stew meat: $8.80

cube steak: $8.80

short ribs: $8.80

ox tail: $6.50

Shank Rings: $6.25

Liver: $5.00

soup bones: $5.00

sweet bread: $5.00

heart: $5.00

Tongue: $5.00

*all pricing is per pound and includes processing and packaging

​** all items are subject to tax.